At From the Heart Wood we bring you beautiful wood turned bowls. Carved from a single solid wood piece these bowls are unique, one of a kind objects. Wood turning has been practiced for thousands of years, and people have been producing unique works of art for just as long.

These piece are turned on a wood lathe and shaped into cylindrical forms and then coated with a non toxic food safe finish. They are suitable for fruit, salad or other foods, or just to be displayed.

The first step in turning a wooden bowl is selecting a high quality piece of wood. The type of tree as well as the age and grain of the wood are very important qualities that will affect the final product. Each different starting block will produce different patterns of color and texture that will lead to a unique bowl. The dimensions are also critically important and will determine the size of bowl that is produced.

The shape of the bowl can be flat and broad or tall and narrow, although the latter presents some challenges in crafting. If you’re interested in the craft of woodturning you should consider investing in a capable bowl turning lathe¬†and reading my thoughts on getting started.